Hi, I’m Justin Reese.

You should hire me for web development, UX design, and digital product strategy. I’m experienced, dependable, and easy to work with. Just check out these happy customers:

Twitter and Tear Gas

Screenshot of the Twitter and Tear Gas website
Justin was amazing to work with; stellar job. Site is multi-platform, accessible, simple, unbloated. Lucky for me that Justin freelances.
— Zeynep Tufekci, @zeynep


Screenshot of the DocumentCloud donation page
The thing about working with Justin is that he’s pleasant & fun to work with, and he makes your work look & feel much better than you could.
— Ted Han, @knowtheory

Armeta enterprise apps

Screenshot of an Essilor Labs enterprise app I built for Armeta
Justin’s work was better than Cats. I will see it again and again. [No, I won’t tweet this.]
— Ted Ingram, ted.ingram@armeta.com

Here’s how I’ve helped other people, and how I can help you:

You can hire me by the day or get a discount by booking larger chunks of time. (Please note, I work four-day weeks.)

  1. $ 1,200 per day — $150/hr
  2. $ 4,320
    per week — 4 days — $135/hr 10% discount!
  3. $ 15,360
    per month — 4 weeks — $120/hr 20% discount!

Here’s a calendar of my current availability. Select any days you might need me and it’ll accompany your message below.

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If you’re interested in working together, email me at justin@justinreese.com or send a message here.

Did you know you can select days from my calendar above? There’s no commitment, it just gives us both an idea of your estimated project scale and schedule.

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